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How We Help Job Seekers

According to multiple statistics, around 40% of people currently employed are actively looking for new employment. Additionally, approximately 6 million individuals are unemployed and either actively seeking employment or available for immediate hire. 

Those are significant odds for the average candidate to face in today’s market.

At Middleton Advisory Group, we provide access to a number of organizations spanning the US that are currently hiring and seeking quality talent. Our focus is connecting with candidates on a more personal level to not only provide a wide array of options to consider, but also provide career counsel that will aid in the decision-making process, guiding candidates to make wise moves to the right company when the timing and their skillsets appropriate.


Why We're Different

Typically speaking, most individuals shy away from the traditional recruiter, who will generally try and force candidates to fit their preset mold. At Middleton Advisory Group, we represent a number of clients spanning the US – clients of varying shapes and sizes, with different cultures and values – so we can offer a variety of options for candidates to consider before making a decision. 

Additionally, our team will present you as a candidate to the right clients, schedule interviews and initial meetings, and provide invaluable communication between you and employers. Our white-glove treatment of our candidates combined with our client relationships makes Middleton Advisory Group a tremendous advantage for every individual seeking to make a career move.

Why use an outside Recruiting Firm?

 Ultimately, choosing to work with an outside recruiting agency like ours comes down to whether or not you want help – help finding the right fit and help knowing when to make the right move. 

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