Who We Are

Middleton Advisory Group was founded on the principles of loyalty, pride, and respect. These three characteristics lie at the heart of everything we do – which ultimately end in one place: our relationships with others

At the end of the day, we believe whole-heartedly in helping others succeed and better themselves, and ultimately choose to make doing so our primary focus. 

We are LOYAL to a fault and value our relationships beyond making a sale. 

We take PRIDE in our work, willing to put in the time and effort to make sure that everyone we come into contact with encounters a polished product with their well-being in mind.

And we believe in the golden rule – showing RESPECT to all while presenting a service that at the end of the day, is respectable.

Our mission has always been to provide personalized services while exhibiting genuine concern for all and demonstrating ethical behavior in furthering our success and the success of our clients.  We are here because of you and for you – our clients, our candidates, and our partners.

Our Success is Your Success!


Tom Middleton, Founder & Managing Partner


Tom has always had a strong sense of direction and is a man of intense focus.  Looking at his achievements just over the past decade, it is clear that he has had a far-reaching career, achieving senior-level positions across varying industries including Military/Law Enforcement, Finance, Real Estate, Talent Acquisition and Business Development.  His broad range of experience and knowledge as a business and management consultant has been sought after throughout the years, and presently more than ever.

Because of his unique background and education, Tom is perfectly positioned to act as the consultant adviser that job searchers and businesses are seeking.  Having been prodded towards and requested as a consultant for several years, Tom finally took the leap and established Middleton Advisory Group, LLC (MAG) as the next stage in his career.  Built on a solid foundation of partnerships spanning a myriad of industries, and based on the principles of Loyalty, Pride, and Respect, MAG is the manifestation of years of expertise and networking, starting with Tom himself.

“Some people dream of success, while others wake up and work hard at it.”

-Winston Churchill

Career Experience:

Military Security Forces

K9 Police Officer

Senior Property Tax Auditor

Senior Operations Manager

Senior Real Estate Tax Consultant 

Senior Manager, Business Development and Recruiting

Vice President, Talent Acquisition and Business Development

Senior Vice President, Business Development and National Expansion

Middleton Advisory Group, LLC, Founder, Managing Partner

Community Contributions:

Big Brothers Big Sisters

St. Mary’s Food Bank

Race for the Cure

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