Company Overview


Middleton Advisory Group, LLC (MAG) is a national recruiting and strategic consulting firm providing collaborative and specialized advisory services which are tailored to each client’s specific needs. Whether recruiting top A-level talent, developing leadership and staff or seeking new business development strategies, MAG is equipped to assist organizations reach their specific goals in a myriad of ways.

MAG Business Specialties Include:

  • Recruiting top A-level talent
  • Developing leadership and staff
  • Seeking new business development strategies
  • Growing social media influence
  • Implementing new systems
  • Changing processes and procedures
  • Improving CRM and data management
  • Bringing new products and services to market


Industries Serviced:

  • Real estate and Mortgage
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Retail and Wholesale Business


Why use Middleton Advisory Group?

Drastically reduce recruiting time and expenses. Get projects done faster and efficiently at a lower cost—often 50% less than in-house staff. 

Middleton Advisory Group, LLC (MAG) is a collaboration of experienced and dedicated professionals with a broad range of industry specialties. We objectively assess client needs to define and resolve problems—even before you know they exist. Our clients receive accurate and timely feedback on their business progress in significant areas like talent acquisition, business development, succession planning, and much more.

"With the ever-changing economy comes a drive for companies to keep costs low and yet still hire and retain top talent – including senior-level management.  Middleton Advisory Group provides the convenience of a short-term, on-site advisor – one who not only takes the time to understand each business’ individual successes and pain points, but who is also able to apply a tremendous amount of experience, wisdom, and guidance to obtain the results clients are seeking."

-Tom Middleton, MAG Founder & Managing Partner

Core Advisory Services


Professional Business Consulting

MAG specializes in understanding how customers, markets, and partnerships interact to facilitate long-term value and opportunities for growth for your business.

  • Analyze and validate sales systems
  • Improve sales processes and procedures
  • Explore team structures & management
  • Leveraging social media to promote people, products and services

Leadership Development

Critical to any business’ long-term health and overall success, MAG focuses on fostering current and future leaders through appropriate business planning, continual training, and targeted mentorship.

  • Leadership development and coaching
  • Operational vs. Sales management
  • Development of business plans, policies, and procedures

Talent Acquisition

More than recruitment, MAG’s approach includes establishing and building relationships. These relationships evolve into a viable and continuous source of prospects that strategically mitigate sustainable hiring processes. 

  • Attract, hire, and retain top talent
  • Recruitment with effortless on-boarding
  • CRM and Data Management administration
  • Using Social Media as a networking tool

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